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a 501(C)3 non-profit organization

WE ONE has a registered trademark for apparel, social services, all food preparations and distribution (whether providing food for the elderly or if we own a  restaurant), art, community events, social welfare services, music, festivals, video/film, magazine publication, collecting unsold items from companies and distributing…. I cannot mention everything, it is a long, long list.   WE ONE is trademarked securely.

WE ONE has a Florida Dept. of Revenue re-sale license and intends to provide imported wares from places we have performed activity.  We will sell online, in person and hopefully in at least 20 Florida stores by the end of 2015.   We are bringing back ethnic wares and apparel from places we do work. If we were able to get just one shirt or article of clothing into a large store, many wells and people would be assisted. We have two people already who are interested in buying from us wholesale.    So far, we have had initial positive interest from the first two stores we have approached.  People seem happy to sell some items since profits give back so efficiently and the water goes so far.   The first two small stores I approached were very receptive to selling some of the items I came back with from India and Nepal; i now know what is most efficient and popular, and I would like to get into 20 Florida stores with orders by the end of 2015.  Perhaps I could have some small space in a couple stores.  Of course, one chain store would be a world-changer.

WE ONE is creating a short film/PSA with Synergy University in Pune, India.  It is an artistic, high-quality short film/PSA/educational piece creatively revealing a sustainable future of India and is also part of a greater documentary project.

In New Delhi, “The Hippy Garage” coffee shop is a supporter and WE ONE will do projects with them.

It would be very nice to get into a local newspaper.

If you would like to see some of WE ONE’s activities in the past year, feel free to visit:


2009 - 2012  LOG

LOG FOR 2009 - 2012 - During this initial stage, WE ONE activity was my personal charity activity I could perform, but no major projects. I was very busy helping care for my elderly father, fixing up my house and creating the gardens (whose sale allowed me to start drilling wells and performing and assisting with projects internationally as well as helping individuals in the U.S.: 2012 Most of the We One money comes out of our founder's pocket at the moment, and his income isn't grand.  But, We One was able to give over $2500 in assistance in Food, Medicine, Shelter, Healing Supplies, and was able to do direct service and other modest activities.  BUT, WE ONE has been trademarked for apparel, music, publications, festivals, bands, and many other activities and services.  I was busy helping care for my dad last year before his passing, but now I am ready to go full force and we have some excellent board members.  We shall see where it goes.   I hope to make it to India before the end of the year and buy a tractor for a locale to use and dig a well.  That is a good start.  We are also about to start a bigger production of our first two t-shirts.  Wish us luck please.  Any suggestions are welcomed.  WE ONE, YAY!!!

Sumnmer 2012 We One has continued making small donations/assustabce toward individuals in need and we now have over $1500 saved for our next project.  We One now has an organic permaculture farmer and a psychologist on the board.  We are lucky to have a new addition in an energetic college student with whom we are creating a project and will be writing grants for him to help others with We One.  The We One house in Gainesville is now almost completely surrounded by gardens and will sell easily some day when We One finally makes a healing getaway/bed and breakfast/cafe with brick oven and dance floor somewhere on earth.  I am still caring for my folks daily and am at ease... just a little bored in Palm Beach though as super-wealthy people are not seeking my help or company.  Life is Good and I am glad to have food in my fridge and a roof over my head. February 2012 $400 donation to a service-oriented lady who sweet-talked me into helping her get to Atlanta for an interview for Emory Nursing School and a scholarship there as well as some assistance for her rent as she was travelling and taking care of her ill mother and couldn't work.  Also, I put a newly homeless, old acquaintance up in a nice little hotel for 2 days on the 2 almost cold nights of the year because her car, which she was living out of, was towed and she lost it because she couldn't afford  get  it out of impound.  She was 50 miles from where she "stays" in Miami, her leg was swollen and wasn't working well from all the walking, she hadn't eaten a normal meal in 2 days, her mind was unravelled and she was freaking out, etc., she was sleeping in the back of a flat-bed truck in West Palm Beach and I had to give her a couple days in a comfortable room to get her mind back together.  She felt the world was a cold placewith nobody who cared.  Food, the room for 2 days, some walking money totaled about $250.  The swelling on her knee went down, she could walk better and her mind was aided by some rest and relaxation.  Also, doing beach clean up, helping parents and random good things for the world and people.

December 2011 - Bought 2 Gardener's gift baskets for $170 each and opened up an official We One, Inc. account to be used for service projects and charity with $900 in it so far.  Yay. Heifer International's Gardener's Basket: A good gardener will tell you that the only thing a garden needs more than the sun and rain is lots and lots of love. Well, that's something our Gardener's Gift Basket has in abundance! This basket represents everything a family will need to start a sustainable farm – tree seedlings, rabbits to generate organic manure, chickens to eat pests and a hive of bees to pollinate crops and increase yields. Just as the garden grows, so will your gift as one family eventually passes on the same gifts as they received to another family in need. It's a one-of a kind gift basket that the gardener in your life will just love! Also the usual... beach clean-up, helping parents, people, etc. 2nd half of 2011 July through September worked about 100 hours a week doing minor seva things and fixing up the property and house, planting gardens, etc.  Still trying to muster energy to serve my parents better when I am at their house.  For various reasons, when I am there, I mostly just do my little tasks for them then sleep and watch TV.  This is interesting because when I am not there, I barely sleep at all and run around looking for things to do for others.  I really have to get out of this karmic/psychological thing when I am at their house and spend some free time on the many projects I should probably be trying to complete.  Hopefully I can convince myself to paint more too. 1st half of 2011 - SERVING "OTHERS"  (as much as I can.)  I am still at my folks' house most of the time as dad has alzheimer's.  The gentle aspect of his soul is shining through with the kisses he blows to me every day.  I am honored to change his Depends, bathe him, watch him so my mom can go out and do what she needs to do and try to do what she needs to do for herself.  For anyone who can understand, being an adult and living with your mom can be a very humbling practice (to put it as politely and gently as possible).  The things we do for LOVE.  I am sorry I cannot be so active in the outer world right now, but I keep the generosity to strangers awake, especially to the people who seem most needy as I walk in public, for I truly wish to people to feel that there are  people in the world who CARE.  Best Wishes to ALL and may your best wishes come TRUE without haste for the benefit of "others."  :o)

November 2010 - Came to realistic and peaceful conclusion that I must remain here in Palm Beach, a place which is kind of the very opposite of me and where I nolonger even try to socialize to help take care of my elderly father and be of assistance in the process to my mother.  Perhaps accepting this was more difficult than it should have been as I have completely no interest to live in Palm Beach, Florida;  but, I feel that I must do this and it makes me happy to be of service to my father (or anybody).  When I am eventually done with all this, I will fulfill my dream to help some people in a poorer nation.  I am surprisingly content to have made this decision, but I can say that a part of me does miss the many friends I have in California and the ease with which I move in society there as opposed to here.  If, however, we have countless lifetimes, then I have lived, loved, married, had children, countless friends, jobs, and plenty of fun (as well as all the hard stuff) and on and on and on.  And, I must say that it just feels good to do your duty.  It is rewarding.

September - October 2010 Didn't keep track of the few and very minor things I did for society at large.  Bought people food.  Helped take care of my elderly father.  Saving dough. August 2010 So far, bought a large, extremely delicious meal at an amazing and somewhat fancy restaurant (Anatolia Mediterranean in Boca Raton) for 3 people I don't really know but whom I know don't have much money.  One person said we are "eating like kings."  I don't think they have had too many meals like that lately.  I sent a large mixed plate home for one of the person's mom too.  - Bought 4 excellent DVDs  and Joni Mitchell "hits" for my 90 year old wise and loving friend who just had a serious illness.  I will go to his house when he gets home from the geriatric center and set up his DVD player and do some other small favors. =-Bought a hungry couple a late night dinner.  The girl had just lost her job and the guy only had $2.  We ordered enough so they would have a couple dishes for home too. - Drove an elderly lady to the car-repair shop to pick up her car. - Bought dinner at Anatolia Mediterranean in Boca Raton for the great Bassist for crazyfingers and another friend who helped pack up the gear.  The friend said the meal was like "heaven."  It was very delicious. -Helping take care of parents.

July 20101 - WOW!  what a month   : )

June 2010 Worked very hard for others and myself (and for We One income to pay the bills).  I am tired just thinking about it and I don't feel like writing everything down.  I didn't get drawn into any arguments that some people wanted to have with me (usually as I am working my butt off to fulfill their every need), and I count this as my greatest accomplishment of the month.  Lately I have just been seeing things as phenomenon, people's patterns, and have a more relaxed understanding.  The forgiveness and compassion just naturally rule when you realize the uselessness of most arguing and such.  Sometimes it is important to give the simplest most wisdom-filled responses and remarks just so BS doesn't have its bullying victories.  So, in this respect I did very well this month and it feels good. *** Note in July, I gave in to some stupid "arguing" on text message with as the dynamic kept going on, but it wasn't too bad.  Still, not close to ideal.  argh.  live and learn.  Still I went from A+ to C/C- in dealing with bs.  I even created some.  I am disappointed in myself for that.  Not toooooo bad though. No Worry is good ....... Returning when readiness or kindness or gratefulness or need is appropriate.  Last month, I had a difficult time trying to serve some people who aren't too capable of knowing or learning how to think of others.  This has caused me to aspire and hope to have the ability to use more discernment in the future so my efforts can be be most efficient, useful and shared with those best suited.  It sure is hard to be able to tell who to be generous to sometimes.   I was happy to see that I didn't get angry, upset or unbalanced.  Sometimes it happens like that you know.  The me, me, me, me, I, me mine, runs deep (but luckily not as deeply as our pure minds do).  Forgiveness is such a victorious medicine.  May 2010 Didn't do much to serve the general public this month, sorry.  Spent the month working on the rental property which is the main financial resource for We One activities and expenditures, sharing valuable time with elderly father, vibrant mother and family, resting, saving up, and paying bills.  This month, We One's main gifts was two "miracle" tickets to two individuals for the Furthur Festival at Angels Camp, Mountainaire in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in beautiful Northern California.  I hear it was one of the best shows and festivals in years.  Interestingly, We One did not receive any thank you phone calls or notes from the two lucky recipients (sadly, humans never cease to amaze me in this manner).   But, The Chief of Executives, who always seems to be an excellent example of honor, did thank We One for providing a ticket to our old friend.  April 2010  Spending time with family and doing taxes.. Also this month, we are paying bills, resting, gathering resources, and scouting out a new location to continue activity.  So far this month, fed 6 or 7 homeless people and gave away a bunch of presents and whale pins to kind people.  Gave away another Water Filter to someone with health issues.  Gave away something unimportant which I was quite attached to, a San Francisco City Recreation Director patch I had been saving for years to put on just the right windbreaker (very old, official and cool.  I recently spent a day soaking it and cleaning it with my fingernails).  A very entertaining friend seemed quite fond with, and impressed by, it.   So it had to be given to him.  Funny the things we get attached to, I am still thinking about it.  he he.  I believe it is good for various reasons to get rid of non-essential things that we may be attached to (essential being that which can help you serve for the benefit of all).  Sometimes the hard part is having the discernment to give gifts to the correct place (of course I am speaking about much more valuable things than a little patch).  It is all good practice, however.

March 2010 California 3/3 - 3/17 $60 to a well dressed older black homeless gentleman who was selling a "Street Sheet" ($1 homeless news paper) in San Francisco.  He very happily told me this was enough for a hotel room which he went off to get right away (it was already late and getting cold).  -  $40 to a homeless man pushing a shopping cart and wearing a jacket completely covered with old patches at 6AM on a Saturday morning.  I asked him what he was going to do with it, and he said, "right now, I'm going to go get a big pancake breakfast."  I was lucky enough to sneak into the sold out Furthur show at the San Francisco civic, but the show got out late and my car was locked in the parking garage.  I had to stay awake all night.  But, since the show was free for me, I donated the extra money to the two homeless men.   - $50 to a homeless artist for two small drawings (he only wanted $15 or $20).  He was with a group of "kids".  The money helped somehow.   -  $60 for pins to the kind man from January named "Smoke" who gave some of my purchase money last month to "kids" for a hotel room for 3 pins on the condition that $20 will be spend on others.  He wanted $45 he got $60.  He will do this. *Last night, he told me he gave $10 away to the first panhandler young guy he saw in the morning.   

*  GREAT NEWS:  My friend from two month's ago doesn't have pancreatic cancer, just an ulcer.  So that donation money can go to someone/something else.   - 17 hours of Service/Work for the mountain yogi on property and $50+ toward supplies, food, laundry, fuel ...        -Provided 2 meals to a hungry poor lady. -  Gave away many very gifts. ** Presently, We One is considering a $1,000 pledge to "project walk", for an older man who fell 14 feet  He must do a special program to help his body reacquire the ability to walk again. ** September/October 2009: In our first two months We One made contributions to two major non-profit organizations (neither is affiliated with We One):  Heifer International (www.Heifer.org) and  The Mata Amritanandamayi Math (Charitable Foundation).   Through Heifer International (not affiliated with We One). * We One donated a dairy producing goat and a colony of honeybees to two poor families; and We One has purchased a share of trees for the Tanzanian hillside.  The dairy producing goat and honey bees can produce income as well as nutritional needs.  The goat may produce up to 3 kids a year which Heifer International can further distribute.  Cultivating and protecting bees is also essential to much of the life on this planet.  We One is in no way affiliated with Heifer International, but We One recognizes them as an excellent organization and we hope that you too may be interested in supporting or learning about Heifer International (www.Heifer.org) .  It is a most wonderful organization.  * We One has $1008 to The Mata Amritanandamayi Math (no affiliation with We One) toward building housing for the homeless.  This is roughly half the amount it takes to build a home for a Tsunami victim.  Often the Math also gives a sewing machine or a computer to the resident(s), along with lessons, which allows them to make an income for life and/or research useful information for the village (like treating a sick cow, etc....)  Also recently, We One  purchased over $500 worth of gifts from The Amma Store for use by our members and to give away to the general public.  This store also supports the activity of the M.A. Math.  If you would like to help this fine organization, please look them up on google.  Hopefully, in the coming year, We One will be able to donate at least 1 or 2 full houses to the needy.  We One has no affiliation with any other organization.   We are seeking excellent  charitable service organizations to support.  Please feel free to suggest one. NOVEMBER, 2009   We One has also continued to donate educational books to appropriate people, free diet counseling services, beach and intra-coastal bike trail clean-up, and $50 to one homeless person or "needy" person every month.  Although some people may disagree with this $50 donation to an appropriate random person, it fulfills at least two purposes.  First, it is enough to help that person in any number of ways for at least a day or two or for an emergency need.  Secondly, and of at least equal importance, it may allow the person to feel that the world is not as cold a place as it often may seem, that inside many people is a place that cares, and thus perhaps aiding that person in not losing faith in humanity and our inherent goodness.  Sometimes just the thought that caring people are so few and far between contributes to the deepest sense of loneliness.  We One gives aid in various methods to some of the numerous people "we" meet in our travels.  We One just finished a recommended project fixing the sink of an elderly lady, filled up the gas tank and bought 5 bhajan cassettes for a small family that lives in their van and drove me down the road, and bought lunch for a poor and very devout Tibetan Buddhist practitioner.   DECEMBER 2009 * We One sponsored two appropriate individuals to the 2 week Permaculture seminar and retreat at Shambala in Gainesville, FLA.  Permaculture is a practice of sustainable agriculture which can also be applied in locations which do not easily support various types of agriculture (see diagram lower left). Ultimately, We One would like to bring Permaculture to the Lakota people who are not able to grow food on their land and to other Native American tribes who are having difficulty feeding their populations.  Both of the scholarships are going to people who work within the community (one does work for the county and one for Florida Organic Growers) who cannot afford the $1200 fee for the seminar.  The Permaculture teachers and Shambala have been generous enough to allow We One to sponsor two students just for the cost of the food and most basic costs.  All in all, We One will be able to sponsor these two individuals for about  $440.       -$60 to a Tibetan Buddhist yogi who lives on a mountain and requested firewood to be used in her stove to keep her warm this winter.  We One will donate another $60 if she can find someone with a chainsaw to cut up the fallen wood which is already on the property so as to use for next year. * One Crock pot for an elderly lady who is starting to have memory problems and is having difficulty cooking and leaving the oven and stove on.  Also, the crock pot saves a lot of money and provides a pleasant, accomplishable task and warm food all day.  Have you cooked with one one these lately?   Flavor!  Delicious! * Convinced and assisted a lady who is taking care of her elderly mother to supplement her income (and perhaps find a second career) to take care of other elderly people.  We also also created advertising for her. * $50 to a hardworking person with two jobs that don't pay very much and needed some extra moneyto get through the holiday season more happily. * $20 to a person who is turning his life around and had to be reminded that people care and generosity is beautiful. * 4 meals for people with little or no money. * One attractive, hand-embroidered wool Nepali coat for a cold person on the street. * And more small things just about every day... as there sure are a lot of people in this world. JANUARY 2010 * To further celebrate on New Years Early Morning after the show, We One gave $20 to a very, very interesting and tidy man who may have been homeless" and was standing alone in the plaza with several folded blankets which he was apparently waiting to distribute to any needy, cold person.  Interestingly, he tried to give me $10 back change for the $20 bill I handed him, but We One did not accept.  The experience was mostly silent, when my friends and I were 50 yards away, a grateful voice saying "thank you, happy New Year" made its way across the misty San Francisco space.  * We One provided about 25 hours free deep house and property cleaning (about 60 hours were done for payment and most of the payment went to cover various We One expenses) for an old friend who has just finally gotten a serious girlfriend and needed the house to be acceptable for her presence.   The place has been inhabited by many people over the last 18 years, and seemed to have never had a thorough cleaning.  It was also very disorganized inside and out.   The whole project took about 11 days and as stated, about 60 of the 85 hours it actually took were done for a fee.  As I wanted to completely finish the job and work in gratitude, about 25 hours works was done without charge. * 2 days videotaping the kung fu/buddhist self-defense and Thai massage retreat.  I will complete the editing soon so that these excellent teachings are available to the general public.  My services are gratis, and this will further allow the Tibetan center to make income with sales of the video. * As a result of wandering Northern California, We One came into contact with many people who needed food or various assistance.  We One provided some meals and contributed to motel room donations (and a few long rides) for a few stranded and poor music lovers.  We One also provided 5 very needy people with $20 dollar donations and some very nice restaurant meals for old friends who are struggling financially. * We One put $40 in the vase at benefit for someone with Pancreatic Cancer.  We should have given more.  We'll get on this, he's an old friend!!! * One crushed rose petal beaded necklace to an old friend who used to call my voice-mail every year on my birthday to wish me happy birthday. I ran into her at a store and spontaneously felt she should have the necklace.  She later left a voice-mail that she had been eying that particular necklace for months but could not afford it.  Perfect.  It smelled like roses and in-between the rose petal beads was her favorite color (lavender) thread.  I had noticed that she was wearing lavender and her credit card was lavender, so that threw me over on getting it for her.  * We One also gave more formative assistance to a project, a friend's elder care service inspired (or instigated) by We One, and in February, she has acquired her first clients.  We are very happy about this! Honestly, I know I am forgetting some things that I will try to update later and of course I don't list plenty of small things.  *Enjoyed giving small gifts (including beautiful humpback whale lapel pins which you may want too) to happy acquaintances and friends I met at shows and on the road.  February 2010 February has been a slow month for We One's public activity, as I have been in Florida with the folks and friends.  * In Orlando, We One donated a "miracle" ticket to great music for the FURTHUR show at Bojangles in Charlotte the following week. * $50 to Shambala for food donation for a friend who we all wish to stay at Shamabala this winter and not go on tour.  He needs to get grounded, do some work ....... * I have spent the month with my aging parents and enjoying it.  No arguments...wooo hoooo.   Honestly, I haven't been as helpful as possible, but at least I drove them all around Florida to visit people, did errands, washed the car, etc....and other minor help.  It's a blessing to be with them. * Taking care of We One taxes, trade-marks, website, bills, and saving up for upcoming work. * Some more consulting and advice which was used for the elder care service presentation in San Francisco.  It was successful, my friend is picking up clients, and a second career is beginning. If you wish to help: Mostly, We One hopes you just do your best to be as Honest, Kind and Generous to others as possible, and keep improving on these capacities.  Gratitude to those who do us kindness and generosity, the keeping of one's word and chivalry may seem hard to find among the world's pervasive self-serving programming, but to find this beauty, all that most people usually have to do is take an honest and deep look inside as well as to one's motivations.  If you want to get involved in projects, support any of our activity, or if there is any way we can help you perhaps, please email:  friend@weone.us. We One would like to make you aware of a most excellent website called www.thehungersite.com which is a very fine homepage as if you you can feed others, secure square footage of the rain forest, help breast cancer, literacy, animals... with just a click.  Again, We One is not affiliated with www.thehungersite.com.

      2013 - 2016      

HiGeoTech, Bhopal India  →  WE ONE :  “two locations are confirmed, one in slum area of bhopal and another in poor village which can be drilled as

                                                                   per your convenience. plan it accordingly. “  -  10/24/14

WE ONE →  HiGeoTech :   “GREAT ! Let’s find two more where we can share costs with locals.  Maybe one more motorized pump for making another

                                             farm.  Then I will fly to India for 3 ½ months and stay mostly in Bhopal this trip.”  -  10/29/14


        Providing Pure Water - 60%             School/Orphanage for HIV Kids  - 18%                   Animal Welfare - 8%                               Sacred Art Restoration - 6%


Because of their wishes to participate in the act of charity, our well operator and pump supplier donate their personal profits and these high-quality deep wells are finished for ONLY $2000 or less and will serve thousands of people per day or week for decades.  $2000 per well is a very inexpensive rate for these deep, pure-water wells, and this is before any cost-sharing with locals (which WE ONE has done on 2 of 3 well projects so far).  At  IMILYA GOUB,  the Villages’ Hub/Community Center/Cow Sanctuary, WE ONE drilled a 450 ft. well which graciously provides a very large quantity of pure water.  As agreed before we drilled, the local elders and land-owners  immediately installed a motorized pump and irrigation to which a farm for humans and one for cows as well as irrigation for herbs, flowers,  and medicinal gardens on Goshala acreage which was previously barren.   I came back 2 months after installing the pump and witnessed that stalks of corn and fodder had grown 3 feet already!  Now Imilya Goub has a well as well as farms and gardens which will support and provide for residents, cows and goats, the farm, daily drive-by villagers, and large and small yearly meetings, retreats or festivities, and  mass weddings. The large fields of dried out and struggling aloe vera had become green, full and fertile.  They were getting ready to plant flowers, herbs, etc in a few other accommodating, spaces.  Wow!  I cannot wait to go back and do more work at IMILYA GOUB.  


​A GREAT SURPRISE!!! This has been inspiring and allows for greater sustainability through a communal feeling of ownership and responsibility.  Not only are we sharing costs with locals, but the owner of the drilling services company is wholly in favor of our activity and is puncturing the earth with huge machines at a “no loss” cost and is performing for WE ONE the substantial  drilling of deep bore wells at the lowest possible cost..  This is wonderful!!!  A motorized pump is more expensive and has been installed on one of our wells.  WE ONE has pleased and impressed local elders (farmers, doctors, businessmen, “holy men”, engineers, scientists, community organizers, government officials....) enough that a few have assisted in donating towards a motorized pump and irrigation piping, while others have donated time, effort, expertise, organizational efforts, connections, etc.  On our largest project, we split costs 50/50 and in rural Javra Village, the village elders are now replacing piping to a large cistern across the road.  I actually served very usefully not only in being a focal point for locals to work with, but in small matters as well as in the final determination of the ideal and safest  location of the well as the villagers were urging the well-driller to bore too near to a road (on a curve as well)..  I was vigilant and demanded safe distances which are regularly not considered in India. We have a geophysicist working with local elders to determine 2 of the next 3 next villages where we can successfully share costs for deep-water wells and irrigation.  Doing irrigation is fun, super-productive and transformative too. Acres of arid and mostly barren land are now lush with sustenance:  food, herbs, flowers, medicines, etc.!!!!  I may have traded in my own hard-worked gardens, but I was already able to create something much grander for others and where I can continue to plant always - which will be a great joy and will always be an inspiring thought of something beautiful which I can look forward to.

During our next schedule of wells in 2015, One or two of the hand-pumps wells shall be fully donated by WE ONE  as some villages are very poor or small.  The village, community, farm or school may, as occurred in Javra Village and IMILYA GOUB GOSHALA, connect a cistern and motorized pump or even irrigation as well.  Local participation, responsibility and development have been surprising, re-assuring, and excellent.  I told Dr. Singh that in order to save money, I could just send them the funds and save travel costs, but he insisted that my presence is a crucial aspect to getting these things done. Maintenance is not complicated.  These wells and projects are built to last.  When back next, we will work on increasing irrigation efficiency or water use on the farms.  It is indeed beautiful to see how this new water inspires growth and co-operation in many directions.  These two wells will supply a village and a school as well as two farms and thousands of cows and people who will gather at IMILYA GOUB VILLAGES’ HUB for over 20 years. There is a huge, covered community gathering hall where mass weddings, meetings, retreats and festivals are held. They invited me to be guest of honor at the yearly mass wedding, but I had to rush to Bareily to finish artwork before coming back to the U.S. and could not attend.  Encouraging locals to donate part of the costs is also effective at forming the community feeling of ownership, participation and responsibility which sustains and grows their new water source potential.  

In Javra, the local government representative is helping with the new cistern which is being restored now that they have a working well.  WE ONE provided a well of 260 feet and true sweetwater!  Upon seeing our new well, the “county” official stated that he and the local government should be embarrassed that it took a foreigner to come and resolve this issue, and he declared that he will insure the 5000 litre cistern shall be brought to working condition and kept functioning.  Previously, a corrupt official sold the piping to the cistern when old well went dry.  We are very encouraged by the level of local involvement and responsibility that has taken place once they were inspired by our initial efforts!  

One of our most helpful and kind friends is a district elder from an ancient family of local leaders in rural Nur Ganj outside of Bhopal where WE ONE will continue to drill.  He also offered to build me a cottage/hut on a nice piece of land on the river.  Interesting.  Indeed, there is a great network of like-minded individuals on the ground now in Bhopal/Nur Ganj who make our work easier, efficient, welcomed and possible.

There are travel costs as well as some modest donations I make toward some of those who assist  So, the cost of each well is presently estimated to be only $2000 or less.  Keeping all other costs minimal combined with the assistance from our Indian team allow for this very low cost per well.

I am learning everything I can about digging deep, bore wells from Dr. Singh and the well drilling company as WE ONE would eventually like to dig wells in needy places globally.  Hopefully South America would be our next journey.  $2000 is a very low cost to create deep-water wells compared to the NGOs that I have investigated. At the moment, WE ONE is a small organization, so i believe that this, combined with our pure service attitude and unpaid staff, is why our costs per well are so low in comparison to other organizations.  I am the only full-term worker and have yet to receive a salary.

WE ONE has been given access to use one acre empty land within the city limits of Bhopal for green-houses and sustainable development and technology projects (we do not have funds for some projects but continue to develop plans and investigate technology).  This Bhopal acre is owned by scientists and professors.  WE ONE spends half of our budget on pure-water projects, and in addition to Pure Water, we are engaged with a number of positive, potent service activities.  The Physician who runs the sprawling state college hospital is excited to help WE ONE introduce BEE HIVES to the IMILYA GOUB GOSHALA farm / community hub where the large well project is on-going.  At Imilya Goub Goshala, even electricity and gas for cooking comes from cows -  methane gas derived from the dung of the cow sanctuary!  IMILYA GOUB GOSHALA is a kind of simple paradise in a very rural locale.  We split costs with locals 50/50.  Down the road a kilometer or two is the site of our second well, Javra Village. At our second WE ONE well project which struck true “sweetwater” (I tasted the difference), that pump now serves as a pump for several villagers' farms as well as emergency source for the Javra School, with whom WE ONE has a working relationship, and the village itself.


WE ONE has four remarkable and well-trusted board members who are unpaid.  We are proud to have shared the costs with locals for 2 of our first 3 well projects, and having them dug with “no loss” cost at a lower price than even these locals could get - $2,000 or less per deep-water, 250 - 500 ft bore, pump, pipes, cement, etc.!  The organizational duties are arranged and performed by myself and I receive no salary yet as there are only enough funds to go solely toward projects and operational costs (no salaries) during this initial phase.  Hopefully in a couple years, I may earn a small salary and will be travelling for many projects in India and South America..  The primary goal this year was to journey to India, do projects and set up an infrastructure.  Even I am surprised how successfully everything has come together, and it is very encouraging indeed.  There is now a permanent and growing infrastructure supporting WE ONE in India.. It shall also be useful when we have our travelling educators. While travelling, I often stay in homes of project workers, temples,  and inexpensive hotels.  Food is not costly and often provided as I travel and work in India.  I spent almost no time sightseeing and dedicate all my time to work of some kind, eating, resting and some fun of course with my kind and hospitable friends.... Being an inspired Westerner, I attract attention, and everywhere I go, I could start developing a project.  It is so positive that locals like to work and share with the friendly Westerner.  Of course, I see remarkable sites everywhere I go and while working, but have done no real tourism..  After our next trip to India, because of our efficient network of professionals and community leaders/elders, WE ONE will be able to get projects done in India upon funds coming in and not having to travel there for each well.  This will make things more cost-efficient.  Our small yet extensive team is very ethical and have grown into positions of community responsibility.   I should travel to India at least once a year to inspect and work on other projects.  


56% - Providing pure/clean water for individuals, communities, farms presently in India. South America and ultimately Africa in the years to come.

14% - Baby Life Home/Saphalta HIV School for Orphans in Nepal

  7% - Sacred Art and Temple Restoration at ancient Dhopa Mandir in Bareilly  (also fixing dangerous electrical wiring)

  6% - Mercy For All  animal welfare organization in Bareilly

  2% - Charity Hospitals/Clinics beautification, cleaning restoration

  1% - New, small \ projects and individual donations while travelling in impoverished areas

14% - U.S Projects and “Personal Renewal”, Personal/Family emergencies, community and various projects here in the U.S.



$ 4,800     3 Deep Bore Well Projects in rural villages near Bhopal, India 

$ 1,650     Saphalta HIV School/Baby Life Home Orphanage, KathmandU, Nepal

$    600     Dhopa Mandir ancient temple art restoration and development, Bareilly, India

$    800     Mercy For All - Animal Welfare, Bareilly, India

$ 2,600     Travel, Lodgings, Food, Other costs for India (4 months)

$10,450     INDIAN PROJECTS 

$    400     Donations/Food to needy/emergency in U.S.

$    300     Gardens

$    700     U.S. PROJECTS

$   1,200   Accounting, Tax and Private Operating Charitiable Foundation Appication Fees

$      300_ Other operational costs



Of course, greater funds means more projects at the same ratio.  I would consider it a great achievement to get these projects accomplished in 2015 by raising funds and not having to use only my own donations again as that would soon be unsustainable.


Founded in 2009, our first significant year of service began in 2013.   Before 2013, I helped care for my elderly father with for 4 years.  When these moving memories were over, I sold my home and organic gardens which I had worked for 10 years to perfect in Gainesville, Florida so that I could  fund a variety of WE ONE service projects and fulfill a lifelong dream to provide clean and pure water to those in most need.  I admit, I wish I could have performed these service activities and made the donations I made without selling my beautiful home and organic, semi-botanical gardens.  Perhaps I should have put all the activity onto credit cards to start off with, but I decided to devote my existence on this planet primarily to service and just went for it.  I have been assisting and living with my mother since selling my house, and my efforts are split between working for WE ONE, being with my mother, painting and other efforts to raise funds.

WE ONE is also involved with other genuine and deeply effective projects which are efficient and yield excellent results.   WE ONE has performed charitable activity in excess of $40,000 so far, and has solely relied on funds donated from myself, Kent Sokmensuer (founder and chairman of WE ONE), from selling my home and gardens.  I had promised the Universe that when I sold my home, I would finally make a significant one-time contribution to two established organizations who help many people before I set off on my own journey for the rest of this life.  That way, I have helped others on the planet (the goal) no matter what I would be able to accomplish.  I felt it was my obligation to the feeling and reality of service to first make a donation to two other noble and successful service organizations, then start my journey.  WE ONE made a one-time contribution/purchase of about $9,000 to the very well-established global service organization, M. A. Center, who provides for tens of thousands of people in India and globally every day.  WE ONE has been distributing and donating all the items we received from Amritananda Mayi Ma to appropriate and/or needy people.  WE ONE also contributed about $9,000 to the Aqua Foundation, Indian NGO, for sustainable water practices, education for scientists and engineers who work on large scale water projects and dams, as well as the 7th International Aqua Congress.  WE ONE looks forward to continuing work with Dr. Sanjay Rana of the Aqua Foundation, a world-renowned geo-physicist and friend who introduced me to our greatest helper in India so far, Dr. Subhash Chandra SIngh, Indian Government Geophysicist. 

WE ONE has not yet solicited donations and is in the process of writing grants.  I donated my own resources for these projects to prove that I am serious as I have sacrificed deeply toward this goal personally, and thus I am responsible for efficient and impeccable use of any funds raised. This is becoming quite an adventure and in all honesty is sometimes scary when I lose faith of vision!  But, I just had to give it my best to do something real, transformative and lasting for others while I had the chance in this lifetime.   WE ONE is an effort of the heart.  WE ONE has Federal 501c3 non-profit status, has a Federal Tax I.D., and can receive tax-deductible donations. Unfortunately, I am not comfortable soliciting funds or selling things yet, but I will have to face this inner obstacle and overcome it.  I hope to become a skilled, fun, easy-going, non-pushy, successful fund-raiser.  Hopefully, we will have success with grant-writing.


I am learning everything I can about digging deep, bore wells from Dr. Singh and the well drilling company as WE ONE would eventually like to dig wells in needy places globally.  Hopefully South America would be our next journey.  $2000 is a very low cost to create deep-water wells compared to the NGOs that I have investigated. At the moment, WE ONE is a small organization, so i believe that this, combined with our pure service attitude and unpaid staff, is why our costs per well are so low in comparison to other organizations.  I am the only full-term worker and have yet to receive a salary.

WE ONE has been given access to use one acre empty land within the city limits of Bhopal for green-houses and sustainable development and technology projects (we do not have funds for some projects but continue to develop plans and investigate technology).  This Bhopal acre is owned by scientists and professors.  WE ONE spends half of our budget on pure-water projects, and in addition to Pure Water, we are engaged with a number of positive, potent service activities.  The Physician who runs the sprawling state college hospital is excited to help WE ONE introduce BEE HIVES to the IMILYA GOUB GOSHALA farm / community hub where the large well project is on-going.  At Imilya Goub Goshala, even electricity and gas for cooking comes from cows.  We split costs with locals 50/50.  At our second WE ONE well project which struck true “sweetwater” (I tasted the difference) focomes from methane gas derived from the dung of the cow sanctuary!  IMILYA GOUB GOSHALA is a kind of simple paradise in a very rural locale.

October '16 - April '17, 8 months in India and Nepal

* 2 Deep Water Bore Wells in villages with water emergency.

* 2 Toilets/Showers (male and female) in villages hub where villagers will actually use and        

         learn to use these facilities and better hygiene.

* Donations and hands on work with Saphalta HIV Orphanage/School in Kathman

* Began documentary of Saphalta with the director of Nepal's only film school, Oscar      

        International College of Film.

* Donated professional cameras and a drone to Oscar International College of Film.

* Gave scholarship to 3 Nepali children whose families could not afford school.

* Created and restored sacred art.

* Bought food for single mothers in emergency need.

*** And more, I will add to the list when I have time.  Very busy now, which is great! ***

A little really does go a long way in some of these ancient community temples, especially with fresh paint, artwork, and facades.  WE ONE has begun a restoration project at the DHOPA MANDIR ancient temple complex. The DHOPA MANDIR is thousands of years old, has an enormous swimming area (“gumbad”), is sprawling and has hundreds of reliefs, statues and murals to paint and fix.  Already, WE ONE has performed art and cosmetic restoration there for almost 2 months.  A very minor financial cost brought great and lasting results from the fun and hard work of cleaning and painting.  Huge reliefs on the many walls which have never yet been painted are like doing 2D paint by numbers.  So easy and fun!  People are asking me to paint them.  Such dramatic results - from old, unpainted grey cement forms on the wall to vivid, glossy, waterproof, large works of sacred art on cement; and there are hundreds of large statues and reliefs which need to be either painted for the first time or repainted.  A little bit of paint goes a very long way in space and through time.  Paint is quite inexpensive too.  While the well-drilling is the most thrilling and is incomparable in service quality and community support, working on ancient Dhopa Mandir temple grounds and community center is something very special which I cannot deny doing.  It is touching to see families come in and make offerings to their devotional reflections and inside of Temples I just helped restore.  I miss Dhopa Mandir’s relaxed, simple environment with centuries old beauty and humble. people who are welcoming and  grateful.  Painting is very rewarding and great fun.  People come in daily and make offerings of incense, food, etc. sometimes to the very images we are restoring, creating, or have already finished.   Bareilly is like a sprawling city/village.  The Dhopa Mandir is on the beautiful outskirts of the city and the daily humble gatherings, offerings and the artwork throughout the complex are rare and special. 

The local baba, the children and a few adults began painting with the many paints and brushes WE ONE donated.  I was so happily astonished to see all the murals they began painting indoors and on outer facades as well as painting old reliefs on the architecture for the first time and retouching other reliefs and statues.   I taught them about the various types of paints and tools and where which ones work best.  There is now a crew of youngsters who enjoy painting and upkeep.  Two other highly skilled artists from the U.S. have inquired about travelling to India and working on this extensive, beautiful art project!  We are starting planning on a long-term project at huge Dhopa Mandir swimming complex (Gumbad) which will be done in stages over the next 10 years as we can raise funds locally and from foundations   It is not a primary project at this moment as we are limited.  It includes incorporating modern technologies like ozonation, fountains and pumps along with growing vegetations which will also clean and oxygenate the larger than enormous swimming area.  Very few funds are allocated to this project at the moment and it is just being formed.  We do have the opportunity to put a fountain shooting water out of top of the huge Shiva Statue they have in storage waiting to be placed back at the center of the pool and are working on having that prepared for installation.  Imagine a fountain to keep the water clean which springs forth from the crown of the giant Shiva statue that they have in storage waiting to be placed again back in the center of the enormous, ancient pool (gumabad).  In this phase, WE ONE will  only share the fountain costs, but that is what is inspiring the babas to repair the statue and put it back.  Again, some outside assistance from WE ONE, and the locals feel confident with the force to get things done. WE ONE is very happy to be restoring temple art, fixing the electricity and beginning a pure water project at the DHOPA MANDIR RESTORATION (as well as a charitable hospital beautification and other small projects) which WE ONE will be working with, and is already planning long-term.  


The DHOPA MANDIR in Bareilly is thousands of years old and shall remain for thousands more.  It has the largest gumbad, ancient pool, I have seen where thousands of children swim and play weekly.  It is a place of pure joy, laughter, exercise…. for humble families on the lower economic scale mostly on the outskirts of town.  WE ONE is researching the most cost-efficient ways to transform the water from a greenish color to a more pure, clear water.  Many new, natural, and relatively inexpensive technologies - including various plants, fountains and ozonation are available, and this is certainly a long-term project.  WE ONE is in contact with experienced water engineers in the U.S. and India and we are researching what the best and most cost-effective model may be.  Swimming is only done in ⅓ of the gumbad, one corner would be perfect for growing oxygenating, water-purifying plants, and WE ONE will next provide a long skimmer to keep the one corner where waste accumulates more easily cleaned.  When this tool is provided (and by me especially), many youngsters and even some adults proudly wanting the responsibility to use it.  This happens wherever I go and with whatever I donate.  The paints I left were a great success in this way too; they made murals after I left. and proudly showed them to me when I returned.  I am excited to see what they have been doing since I have returned to the U.S., and they will be joyously proud to show me.


​​​​WE ONE


WE ONE is a 501c3 non-profit foundation founded in 2006.  WE ONE’s primary goal is providing pure water for drinking and the creation of farms and gardens in places where water is scarce.  WE ONE CAN PROVIDE PURE WATER TO AN INDIVIDUAL FOR OVER 20 YEARS FOR ONLY 2 DOLLARS !!!  My name is Kent Sokmensuer, I am founder and chairman of WE ONE.  In 2013, among other service activities and contributions, with assistance of an Indian Government geophysicist, WE ONE was able to create 3 much-needed deep-water wells by puncturing deeper water tables in India where the shallow water tables have been drained.  In 2014, WE ONE provided wells and water of the highest quality for villages, as well as for a villages' hub (IMILYA GOUB GOSHALA) which includes a cow sanctuary and large meeting/gathering/ceremony hall where mass weddings, retreats and other activities area serving a number of local villages take place.  Since the our new well, there is new a farm for humans as well as for a new one of cow fodder (cows provide many things for rural society), gardens for native plants and medicinal herbs.  Parts of India are having a WATER EMERGENCY as the upper water table is becoming exhausted and much deeper wells (250 - 500 ft.) are necessary to reach the next 25-plus years’ source of water.   A very effective and supportive team organically formed around Dr. SIngh and I in Bhopal, so WE ONE is able to get these high-quality deep wells drilled for a very low cost (“no loss for operator”) because a veteran driller also believes in Seva (selfless service) and is moved by our efforts.  WE ONE can provide a well to serve thousands of people for the next 25 years for only $2000 or less!  Providing pure water in areas of necessity is our primary focus accounting for over 50% of our budget among other diverse service projects both abroad in the poorest areas where thousands of people can be helped for comparatively very few dollars and at home (US) helping individuals and making gardens primarily.  Fortunately, a good number of regional elders in Bhopal, Nur Ganj and surrounding rural villages approved of this solely charitable activity and a team grew around  Dr. Subhash Singh, Indian Government Scientist - Geophysics).   HiGeoTech Geophysics Water consulting, Mrs. Archana Singh, local organizers/elders in agriculture and business, our bore-well drilling contractor, doctors, teachers, and  babas (local holy men) formed a successful base to support and assist WE ONE in accomplishing these wells efficiently and smoothly. We One has also just been given access to one acre owned by scientists and professors within the city limits of Bhopal, India to create an example of sustainability, greenhouses, etc.  Every project WE ONE does is intended to provide a sustainable model which can be replicated and potentially improved upon by others.  Eventually, WE ONE will be travelling and educating in India and abroad.  WE ONE directly supports, both financially and with personal work, Nepal's first HIV orphanage/School, (Saphalta School / Baby Life Home Orphanage) in Kathmandu, and Mercy for All Animal Welfare in Bareilly, India.  Approximately 25% of our budget go to these two organizations, and we are planning projects for the future with the Saphalta School and Mercy for all.   Not only are these two service organizations exceedingly devoted, hard-working and ethical, but this gives donors a chance to contribute to a specific goal (water, HIV children, animals, sacred art/temple restoration).  This is why I sold my home and easy life and created WE ONE.

I am the only full-time worker for WE ONE and I have no salary as of yet.   I sold my beautiful home and organic semi-botanical gardens it took me 10 years to make and grow in order to create WE ONE and these LONG-TERM Pure Water Wells and Water Projects as I feel the most expansive, effective service I can do is to provide pure water where it is severely needed and be of great potential and use..  I am truly dedicating myself to this and am working to create a sustainable organization.  Any suggestions or assistance is considered.  WE ONE is fortunately to have quickly established a reliable, experienced infrastructure and network which is  ready to serve and capable of efficiently accomplishing our projects. 

If you would like to see some of WE ONE’s activities in the past year, you can click the link and visit:   www.facebook.com/weoneservice      


In 2013, operational costs were less than ¼ of what was spent on projects and I am making all efforts to keep up a strong ratio in this initial phase where there are many initial costs.  In 2014, there were one-time costs of my first travelling to India without knowing anyone personally and setting up the necessary contacts, professionals, infrastructure, assistants, travel and forming friendships, etc.  Gratefully, I was more successful than even my considerable goals!  Next time in India, I will only rarely need to stay in hotels.  Like-minded and supportive people house and feed me many places I go.  I spent 8 months initially travelling and working in India in order to meet the appropriate people, investigate, get my bearings, and so much which is necessary to set things up and function responsibly, efficiently and grow.  In Javra Village, where we found the deep sweetwater, they have offered to make me a hut. I will take them up on it some day.  WE ONE will create a small library and DVDs when I return to Javra. 

In the future, however, I could simply travel to India for 3 to 12  weeks and complete not only at least 3 or 4 wells, but also:  fix up/restore a couple more temples (and temple art),  continue beautifying and planting in the courtyard of the charity hospital, fixing up the school and working with SAPHALTA HIV ORPHAN SCHOOL / BABY LIFE HOME ORPHANAGE (Kathmandu) by fully supporting one child per year $1,250, assisting MERCY FOR ALL, DHOPA MANDIR (art and temple restoration where we have almost completed restoring 6 cement temples),  IMILYA GOUB GOSHALA FARM PROJECT,  THE ACRE IN BHOPAL, LIBRARY …


BEE HIVES AT IMILYA GOUB - The Physician who runs the sprawling state college hospital is excited to help introduce BEE HIVES to the IMILYA GOUB GOSHALA farm / community hub where the large well project is on-going.   We are in the process of finding a beekeeper to assist us in this project in Bhopal.  As with other projects WE ONE would like to pay half the funds of Bee Project as this has proven to lead to success.  Bees are also on the planning for the empty acre within the Bhopal city limits where WE ONE has permission to create a sustainabilty project and models.

ELECTRICAL REPAIRS AT DHOPA MANDIR - This is not a costly project, but one which will make a great difference.  The wiring is relatively dangerous and it would be a cheap fix.  In many places it hanging down in the open, across corners, etc.  This is not uncommon in India, but as we are beautifying this space which is heavily used, we may as well fix the wiring.  I got shocked twice while i lost my concentration painting and touched the wires..  It will be inexpensive and not be difficult to  bring the wiring up to basic modern standards with a good, bilingual electrician.  The problem for me was that Bareilly is not the kind of city where many people speak English and Dhopa mandir is on the edge of this sprawling city/village -  a million and a half people and no hi-rises.  The wiring could easily go from the top of each small temple building to the top of each other temple building, then safely down the wall to outlets and switches.  It is a very basic technology I am discussing, but wires are just going everywhere and cutting corners through the air in less developed places in India.  Remarkable.  I am looking very forward to fixing all of this for under $250.  The key is finding an electrician in Bareilly who speaks English and works with a modern style or modern buildings.

ONE ACRE IN BHOPAL - WE ONE has been offered complete use of an acre of arable land in within the city limits of Bhopal, India for greenhouses and sustainability projects.  We are looking for a local beekeeper who would be interested in creating hives on the land and teaching others.   We are just coming up with, and drawing up ideas and plans now.  It is a unique location and could be a good example/model of sustainability within the city limits.   We already have a few University students who wish to be involved with this and other projects.  India has a very eager, educated, young, work and volunteer force who are enthusiastic to do new things for and in India.  Being an exuberant westerner is very accommodating to gathering interest with Indians in their 20s and 30s as well as the elders.  


DHOPA MANDIR GUMBAD      -  (swimming complex) water purification as previously noted.

PRESSURE WASHER FOR DHOPA MANDIR - I cannot wait to do that!  There are hundreds of indented spaces on the walls originally created for, and still waiting to be filled with beautiful artwork

COW DUNG ELECTRICITY, GAS AND FERTILIZER - At IMILYA GOUB GOSHALA, even the electricity can be generated from methane gas derived from the dung of the cow sanctuary!  We will produce a thorough documentary/educational piece of this technology so it may be added to our library of sustainable projects for educational purposes which we will bring to villages in India and to people globally.

GARBAGE AND RECYCLING -  WE ONE both encourages garbage and recycling wherever I go in India and also educates what sometimes seems like a vacuum devoid of understanding modern waste disposal.  WE ONE also provides has donated waste bins and useful materials where people were interested in making a change.  WE ONE is also in contact with an Indian NGO concerning a larger recycling project.  This would be a long-term project which allows us to hire people on the lowest rung of society as well as raise funds as there is garbage everywhere in India and everything is recycled if it is collected.  Recyclers pay well, by Indian standards, for recyclable materials.  There literally is money (to  be made) on the ground everywhere.  The new Indian P.M. has also just announced an enormous project for recycling and proper waste collection throughout India, and WE ONE will continue to make inroads along this path as well.  It is relatively easy for me to meet with responsible or “important” people in India and I look forward toweone investigating this potential direction on a larger scale.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I could dress up in a nice suit and enter most any large corporate or government headquarters and potentially be given a meeting or appointment with someone of responsibility - whether they are ultimately receptive or not is not certain, but great attention is given to any Westerner.   This new mood for a new, modern, cleaner India can only help us on this path.

Getting projects done in India, can be either significantly more challenging or easier than getting work done here in the U.S. for various reasons.  


In 2014, WE ONE also personally investigated, worked with and donated to two more organizations: BABY LIFE HOME/SAPHALTA HIV SCHOOL in Kathmandu, Nepal and MERCY FOR ALL Animal Welfare in Bareilly, India.  WE ONE looks forward to working with these two organizations throughout the years.  SAPHALTA and MERCY FOR ALL are most impressive and their founders and devoted workers work from 6 A.M. till  9 or 10 PM daily (and sometimes all night).  They work with whatever resources they have, can conjure and find, taking care of the beings they love.  It was truly remarkable.  WE ONE made donations of necessary items, cash and work for both of these organizations and worked closely with them. A percentage of our annual budget is set to pay for one orphan’s yearly expenses (about $1200) at  BABY LIFE HOME/SAPHALTA SCHOOL FOR HIV ORPHANS.    Click Links below for more information:                    





In 2014, WE ONE donated to SAPHALTA SCHOOL / BABY LIFE HOME ORPHANAGE:  a clothes washing machine, a printer/scanner, ink, paper, soap, shampoo, food, some travel expenses, and a cash donation totalling over $500.  In 2015, we will donate enough (at least) to fully support one child for one year, $1250.   

MERCY FOR ALL - ANIMAL WELFARE, Bareilly, India  (6% of WE ONE budget)


I set off for India with the goals of providing deep-water wells where the water table was drying up, and personally checking out two inspiring and extremely hard-working beings selflessly serving others - Rajkumar Pun, at SAPHALTA in Kathmandu and in Bareilliy, India, Shalini Arora, who founded MERCY FOR ALL, an organization which cares for hundreds of injured, abandoned, abused, sickly, dying animals: stray dogs, cows, horses, monkeys, cats, birds…. with complete veterinary and loving care.  MERCY FOR ALL also spays and neuters animals, cares for happy and free animals with water and food, and helps animals get adopted in Bareilly, India.  I had to see Mercy For All’s activities in person as I had been witnessing their truly remarkable activity, care and healings for years on facebook, and WE ONE wishes to have a continual connection with these two organizations - supporting and personally working with them  perpetually.  I discovered how easily a person can work and get things done in India among responsible people.   I have seen them staying awake all night on the street while caring for and protecting a large, sick bull and teaming together to hoist it up in the air to perform surgery in the middle of the night when the vet was free to give charity time after moving the bull to the clinic from the street.  These people are so utterly inspiring with their love and devotion to the animals.  WE ONE will also donate a share a of the funds we raise for Bareilly Dhopa Mandir water purification with MERCY FOR ALL as they are also involved with our Dhopa Mandir project and fundraising.  Presently 6% of our budget is allocated for MERCY FOR ALL.  WE ONE donated over $500 to MERCY FOR ALL in 2014, and covered the costs of animal care for over one full month.  Since then, however, MERCY FOR ALL has grown significantly.  For more information on Mercy For All, click the link below:



The quality of experienced Indian people helping WE ONE, as well as the fact that someone is travelling all the way to these villages from the U.S. to help them, encourages other community leaders, wealthy farmers and businessmen, and formerly complacent government officials to get involved for a variety of reasons.  Not only do they truly wish to help me, but they see it as a personal honor to help the Westerner who is drawn to their locale.  The quality of assistance and skill is really on the highest level.  Many people in our WE ONE Bhopal Network already knew each other and having many people who are personally invested in it’s success with time, effort, responsibility, investment etc., insure long-term success and upkeep.  They have already proven that they are responsible caretakers and with these two new farms have also proven that they can make the most of our efforts.   It was truly beautiful to see people coming together, assisting with resources and creating a lush farm within 2 months of our first well while previously there was less community teamwork on these empty fields.  Thanks to WE ONE’s found connections with local leaders in Bhopal, Government of India Geophysicist, Dr. Subhash Chandra Singh, HIGeoTech Services, and our drilling contractor, not only can WE ONE provide these deep bore wells at very low cost ($2,000 or under is less than the locals could do on their own), but also we have highly experienced, senior, trained individuals on the ground investigating where the most needy, efficient and likely locations for deep-water wells may be..  As noted, 2 of our 3 projects were partially paid for by locals!  Because of our reliable, highly ethical, responsible contacts and helpers in India, after one more trip to India, WE ONE can get the wells dug without my need to travel to India for each schedule of wells which will make things even more efficient without my travel costs!  We can get the wells drilled as funds come in.  For the next two years, I would like to travel to India/Nepal to solidify WE ONE’s connection with, and continue working on projects with, BABY LIFE HOME HIV orphanage/SAPHALTA SCHOOL, the animals with MERCY FOR ALL, the huge DHOPA MANDIR temple complex and the gardens, surroundings and organization of space at the hospital.  I also have developed connections with two warehouses and two factories (Delhi and Kathmandu) and can easily find, make and ship wares, items, apparel to sell for the WE ONE line in order to assist with project fund-raising sustainabilty.  If you know any stores who may be interested, feel free to put us in contact.  India is a place of great need, and it is remarkable how much transformation can be done with so few funds.  During this initial phase, WE ONE was focused on making long-term connections.  Not only was I able to accomplish all my goals with water, the animals and HIV orphans on this first 8 month journey, but I was also able to do some work fixing up and cleaning a charity hospital and the DHOPA MANDIR ancient temple complex.  These will be long-term associations.  These facilities are large enough with such extensive and old art all over the sprawling grounds that I could work on them for years.  Dhopa mandir has so many facets, including the need for cleaner water in the “Gumbad” (ancient enormous swimming complex).  


In addition to creating gardens and giving/lending emergency donations in the U.S., WE ONE wishes to help one person in the U..S.  every year in a crucial situation where some assistance and support will make all the difference in turning a person’s life around, as it did with our first, and wholly successful assistance toward a remarkable being in 2013/14.  WE ONE came upon an old acquaintance who had successfully kicked a severe drug habit one year previously but was in truly desperate need to get herself back to an ideal environment rather than be in  the abusive and very difficult situation she had ended up in.  After some hard work and financial assistance, everything worked out better than even I expected.  This is actually something I am proud about as it was much less assured in success than the wells or other projects; and, it was a human life!  She still tells me that I was the only one who initially believed in her and this is a very rewarding and encouraging sentiment.  Sometimes, assistance at crucial junctures of a person’s life has exponentially positive results compared to a potentially destructive and very painful alternative direction.  She is now living near her parents, her children, and good friends in California and has a great job.  WE ONE is very pleased to have had the opportunity to assist her to relocate back to California with family and friends, find housing, a new look on life, some new clothes, rent for a couple months, etc.  It took her only a few months to create a successful business, and now she lives in wonderful Santa Cruz, California.  I have always had a knack for handling emergency situations of many kinds in people’s lives.  This makes me happy.

Too often, just the act of someone helping another person is not there and a time of greatest need/opportunity and a whole positively productive and transformative path can go the very opposite direction.  Finding successful opportunities to help a life out toward a more positive future is something I am good at and see as a true investment in the future of goodness and relief in this old world.  Her kids and parents are so happy to have her back and doing well.  It was a defining opportunity and a great success.  She is excited for another productive and healthy year.  I follow through and encourage people.  So far, WE ONE has very good results, even if it is just helping old vets do some of their errands or bike to the store for them...

Also on the level of PERSONAL EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE, in 2013 WE ONE had the opportunity help an abandoned single American mother of two in Ecuador during a crisis/emergency.  This old acquaintance was in immediate need of rent and food costs for two months until she could move back to the U.S.   WE ONE was also glad to help an old Vietnam Veteran pay his electricity bills and rent so that he would not lose his government assistance (part of the agreement of the program).  Part of this was paid back to WE ONE.  We also bought art from him, a talented, locally recognized artist so that he would not feel indebted or feel as if he was getting handouts.  WE ONE provided hundreds of dollars worth of food, supplies, bedding, and other useful items to another old acquaintance who had been off of drugs for over a year and was in the process of getting his life together as well and was moving into a new place.  Fresh starts with a wheatgrass juicer, books, some music and movies, health food, a few things to play around with, etc. can be excellent transformative helpers, and indeed they were.. 

WEONE is investigating more options for service projects to do in the United States.  Because of varying international economies, however, for the same cost as helping one person’s life here in the U.S. we can help literally thousands in India or other poor nations by providing pure water for personal, community and farm use. This water is the source of so much for these people.  It can even cause a small village which feels impoverished or even unlucky/cursed to develop a new feeling of hope, blessings and actual wealth.  Wow!  For efficiency’s sake, we are presently focusing most of our work abroad in the poor of areas of India and Nepal.  However, WE ONE hopes to continue growing in our ability to make impactful contributions to individuals here in the U.S., to lift people out of a dire situation, effectively aid in turning a life around, or just continue also to assist with some minor but extremely useful funds for needs for some impoverished people from time to time…  WE ONE wishes to do work in South America within the next 3 years.

WE ONE has many hopeful dreams of service, but our main mission is providing pure water and this shall always be what at least half of budget.  WE ONE has strong connections in Chile and Peru as well and looks forward to travelling there in 2016 to create another service network and provide pure water in areas of need there as well. I do whatever I can everywhere I am, and am just trying to share as efficiently as I can.  Sometimes it means just gettting an old homeless gentleman into a hotel on a very cold night or some pancakes for someone who hasn’t eaten in a day.