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Bareilly, India

(8% of service budget)

I set off for India with the goals of providing deep-water wells where the water table was drying up, and personally checking out two inspiring and extremely hard-working beings selflessly serving others - Rajkumar Pun, at SAPHALTA in Kathmandu and in Bareilliy, India, Shalini Arora, who founded MERCY FOR ALL, an organization which cares for hundreds of injured, abandoned, abused, sickly, dying animals: stray dogs, cows, horses, monkeys, cats, birds…. with complete veterinary and loving care.  MERCY FOR ALL also spays and neuters animals, cares for happy and free animals with water and food, and helps animals get adopted in Bareilly, India.  I had to see Mercy For All’s activities in person as I had been witnessing their truly remarkable activity, care and healings for years on facebook, and WE ONE wishes to have a continual connection with these two organizations - supporting and personally working with them  perpetually.  I discovered how easily a person can work and get things done in India among responsible people.   I have seen them staying awake all night on the street while caring for and protecting a large, sick bull and teaming together to hoist it up in the air to perform surgery in the middle of the night when the vet was free to give charity time after moving the bull to the clinic from the street.  These people are so utterly inspiring with their love and devotion to the animals.  WE ONE will also donate a share a of the funds we raise for Bareilly Dhopa Mandir water purification with MERCY FOR ALL as they are also involved with our Dhopa Mandir project and fundraising.  Presently 6% of our budget is allocated for MERCY FOR ALL.  WE ONE donated over $500 to MERCY FOR ALL in 2014, and covered the costs of animal care for over one full month.  Since then, however, MERCY FOR ALL has grown significantly.

Click link for Mercy For All page:  :https://www.facebook.com/WorldForAllSaveHelplessAnimalsOfNathNagriBareilly