WE ONE is a service foundation created in 2009.  WE ONE’s primary goal is providing pure water for drinking and the creation of farms and gardens in places where water is scarce.  My name is Kent Sokmensuer, I am founder and chairman of WE ONE.  In 2013, among other service activities and contributions, with assistance of an Indian Government geophysicist, WE ONE was able to create 3 much-needed deep-water wells by puncturing deeper water tables in India where the shallow water tables have been drained.  In 2014, WE ONE provided wells and water of the highest quality for villages, as well as for a villages' hub (IMILYA GOUB GOSHALA) which includes a cow sanctuary and large meeting/gathering/ceremony hall where mass weddings, retreats and other activities area serving a number of local villages take place.  Since the our new well, there is new a farm for humans as well as for a new one of cow fodder (cows provide many things for rural society), gardens for native plants and medicinal herbs.  Parts of India are having a WATER EMERGENCY as the upper water table is becoming exhausted and much deeper wells (250 - 500 ft.) are necessary to reach the next 25-plus years’ source of water.   A very effective and supportive team organically formed around Dr. SIngh and I in Bhopal, so WE ONE is able to get these high-quality deep wells drilled for a very low cost (“no loss for operator”) because a veteran driller also believes in Seva (selfless service) and is moved by our efforts.  WE ONE can provide a well to serve thousands of people for the next 25 years for only $2000 or less!  Providing pure water in areas of necessity is our primary focus accounting for over 50% of our budget among other diverse service projects both abroad in the poorest areas where thousands of people can be helped for comparatively very few dollars and at home (US) helping individuals and making gardens primarily.  Fortunately, a good number of regional elders in Bhopal, Nur Ganj and surrounding rural villages approved of this solely charitable activity and a team grew around  Dr. Subhash Singh, Indian Government Scientist - Geophysics).   HiGeoTech Geophysics Water consulting, Mrs. Archana Singh, local organizers/elders in agriculture and business, our bore-well drilling contractor, doctors, teachers, and  babas (local holy men) formed a successful base to support and assist WE ONE in accomplishing these wells efficiently and smoothly. We One has also just been given access to one acre owned by scientists and professors within the city limits of Bhopal, India to create an example of sustainability, greenhouses, etc.  Every project WE ONE does is intended to provide a sustainable model which can be replicated and potentially improved upon by others.  Eventually, WE ONE will be travelling and educating in India and abroad.  WE ONE directly supports, both financially and with personal work, Nepal's first HIV orphanage/School, (Saphalta School / Baby Life Home Orphanage) in Kathmandu, and Mercy for All Animal Welfare in Bareilly, India.  Approximately 25% of our budget go to these two organizations, and we are planning projects for the future with the Saphalta School and Mercy for all.   Not only are these two service organizations exceedingly devoted, hard-working and ethical, but this gives donors a chance to contribute to a specific goal (water, HIV children, animals, sacred art/temple restoration).  This is why I sold my home and easy life and created WE ONE.

I am the only full-time worker for WE ONE and I have no salary as of yet.   I sold my beautiful home and organic semi-botanical gardens it took me 10 years to make and grow in order to create WE ONE and these LONG-TERM Pure Water Wells and Water Projects as I feel the most expansive, effective service I can do is to provide pure water where it is severely needed and be of great potential and use..  I am truly dedicating myself to this and am working to create a sustainable organization.  Any suggestions or assistance is considered.  WE ONE is fortunately to have quickly established a reliable, experienced infrastructure and network which is  ready to serve and capable of efficiently accomplishing our projects. 

If you would like to see some of WE ONE’s activities in the past year, you can click the link and visit:   www.facebook.com/weoneservice          


In 2013, operational costs were less than ¼ of what was spent on projects and I am making all efforts to keep up a strong ratio in this initial phase where there are developmental costs.  In 2014, there were one-time costs of my first traveling to India without knowing anyone personally and setting up the necessary contacts, professionals, infrastructure, assistants, travel and forming friendships, etc.  Gratefully, I was more successful than even my considerable goals!  Next time in India, I will only rarely need to stay in hotels.  Like-minded and supportive people house and feed me many places I go. Now that our team and infrastructure is in place, We One can provide WATER TO AN INDIVIDUAL IN A 750 PERSON VILLAGE FOR FOR 25 YEARS FOR ONLY $2!!! I spent 8 months initially traveling and working in India in order to meet the appropriate people, investigate, get my bearings, and so much which is necessary to set things up and function responsibly, efficiently and grow.  In Javra Village, where we found the deep sweetwater, they have offered to make me a hut. I will take them up on it some day.  WE ONE will create a small library and DVDs when I return to Javra. 

In the future, however, I could simply travel to India for 3 to 12  weeks and complete not only at least 3 or 4 wells, but also:  fix up/restore a couple more temples (and temple art),  continue beautifying and planting in the courtyard of the charity hospital, fixing up the school and working with SAPHALTA HIV ORPHAN SCHOOL / BABY LIFE HOME ORPHANAGE (Kathmandu) by fully supporting one child per year $1,250, assisting MERCY FOR ALL, DHOPA MANDIR (art and temple restoration where we have almost completed restoring 6 cement temples),  IMILYA GOUB GOSHALA FARM PROJECT,  THE ACRE IN BHOPAL, LIBRARY …


Because of their wishes to participate in the act of charity, our well operator and pump supplier donate their personal profits and these high-quality deep wells are finished for ONLY $2000 or less and will serve thousands of people per day or week for decades.  $2000 per well is a very inexpensive rate for these deep, pure-water wells, and this is before any cost-sharing with locals (which WE ONE has done on 2 of 3 well projects so far).  At  IMILYA GOUB,  the Villages’ Hub/Community Center/Cow Sanctuary, WE ONE drilled a 450 ft. well which graciously provides a very large quantity of pure water.  As agreed before we drilled, the local elders and land-owners  immediately installed a motorized pump and irrigation to which a farm for humans and one for cows as well as irrigation for herbs, flowers,  and medicinal gardens on Goshala acreage which was previously barren.   I came back 2 months after installing the pump and witnessed that stalks of corn and fodder had grown 3 feet already!  Now Imilya Goub has a well as well as farms and gardens which will support and provide for residents, cows and goats, the farm, daily drive-by villagers, and large and small yearly meetings, retreats or festivities, and  mass weddings. The large fields of dried out and struggling aloe vera had become green, full and fertile.  They were getting ready to plant flowers, herbs, etc in a few other accommodating, spaces.  Wow!  I cannot wait to go back and do more work at IMILYA GOUB.  Next step, BEES

I am learning everything I can about digging deep, bore wells from Dr. Singh and the well drilling company as WE ONE would eventually like to dig wells in needy places globally.  Hopefully South America would be our next journey.  $2000 is a very low cost to create deep-water wells compared to the NGOs that I have investigated. At the moment, WE ONE is a small organization, so i believe that this, combined with our pure service attitude and unpaid staff, is why our costs per well are so low in comparison to other organizations.  I am the only full-term worker and have yet to receive a salary. 

WE ONE has been given access to use one acre empty land within the city limits of Bhopal for green-houses and sustainable development and technology projects (we do not have funds for some projects but continue to develop plans and investigate technology).  This Bhopal acre is owned by scientists and professors.  WE ONE spends half of our budget on pure-water projects, and in addition to Pure Water, we are engaged with a number of positive, potent service activities.  The Physician who runs the sprawling state college hospital is excited to help WE ONE introduce BEE HIVES to the IMILYA GOUB GOSHALA farm / community hub where the large well project is on-going.  At Imilya Goub Goshala, even electricity and gas for cooking comes from cows.  We split costs with locals 50/50.  At our second WE ONE well project which struck true “sweetwater” (I tasted the difference) focomes from methane gas derived from the dung of the cow sanctuary!  IMILYA GOUB GOSHALA is a kind of simple paradise in a very rural locale.


A GREAT SURPRISE!!! This has been inspiring and allows for greater sustainability through a communal feeling of ownership and responsibility.  Not only are we sharing costs with locals, but the owner of the drilling services company is wholly in favor of our activity and is puncturing the earth with huge machines at a “no loss” cost and is performing for WE ONE the substantial  drilling of deep bore wells at the lowest possible cost..  This is wonderful!!!  A motorized pump is more expensive and has been installed on one of our wells.  WE ONE has pleased and impressed local elders (farmers, doctors, businessmen, “holy men”, engineers, scientists, community organizers, government officials....) enough that a few have assisted in donating towards a motorized pump and irrigation piping, while others have donated time, effort, expertise, organizational efforts, connections, etc.  On our largest project, we split costs 50/50 and in rural Javra Village, the village elders are now replacing piping to a large cistern across the road.  I actually served very usefully not only in being a focal point for locals to work with, but in small matters as well as in the final determination of the ideal and safest  location of the well as the villagers were urging the well-driller to bore too near to a road (on a curve as well)..  I was vigilant and demanded safe distances which are regularly not considered in India. We have a geophysicist working with local elders to determine 2 of the next 3 next villages where we can successfully share costs for deep-water wells and irrigation.  Doing irrigation is fun, super-productive and transformative too. Acres of arid and mostly barren land are now lush with sustenance:  food, herbs, flowers, medicines, etc.!!!!  I may have traded in my own hard-worked gardens, but I was already able to create something much grander for others and where I can continue to plant always - which will be a great joy and will always be an inspiring thought of something beautiful which I can look forward to.

During our next schedule of wells in 2015, One or two of the hand-pumps wells shall be fully donated by WE ONE  as some villages are very poor or small.  The village, community, farm or school may, as occurred in Javra Village and IMILYA GOUB GOSHALA, connect a cistern and motorized pump or even irrigation as well.  Local participation, responsibility and development have been surprising, re-assuring, and excellent.  I told Dr. Singh that in order to save money, I could just send them the funds and save travel costs, but he insisted that my presence is a crucial aspect to getting these things done. Maintenance is not complicated.  These wells and projects are built to last.  When back next, we will work on increasing irrigation efficiency or water use on the farms.  It is indeed beautiful to see how this new water inspires growth and co-operation in many directions.  These two wells will supply a village and a school as well as two farms and thousands of cows and people who will gather at IMILYA GOUB VILLAGES’ HUB for over 20 years. There is a huge, covered community gathering hall where mass weddings, meetings, retreats and festivals are held. They invited me to be guest of honor at the yearly mass wedding, but I had to rush to Bareily to finish artwork before coming back to the U.S. and could not attend.  Encouraging locals to donate part of the costs is also effective at forming the community feeling of ownership, participation and responsibility which sustains and grows their new water source potential.  

In Javra, the local government representative is helping with the new cistern which is being restored now that they have a working well.  WE ONE provided a well of 260 feet and true sweetwater!  Upon seeing our new well, the “county” official stated that he and the local government should be embarrassed that it took a foreigner to come and resolve this issue, and he declared that he will insure the 5000 litre cistern shall be brought to working condition and kept functioning.  Previously, a corrupt official sold the piping to the cistern when old well went dry.  We are very encouraged by the level of local involvement and responsibility that has taken place once they were inspired by our initial efforts!  

One of our most helpful and kind friends is a district elder from an ancient family of local leaders in rural Nur Ganj outside of Bhopal where WE ONE will continue to drill.  He also offered to build me a cottage/hut on a nice piece of land on the river.  Interesting.  Indeed, there is a great network of like-minded individuals on the ground now in Bhopal/Nur Ganj who make our work easier, efficient, welcomed and possible.

There are travel costs as well as some modest donations I make toward some of those who assist  So, the cost of each well is presently estimated to be only $2000 or less.  Keeping all other costs minimal combined with the assistance from our Indian team allow for this very low cost per well.


WE ONE has four remarkable and well-trusted board members who are unpaid.  We are proud to have shared the costs with locals for 2 of our first 3 well projects, and having them dug with “no loss” cost at a lower price than even these locals could get - $2,000 or less per deep-water, 250 - 500 ft bore, pump, pipes, cement, etc.!  The organizational duties are arranged and performed by myself and I receive no salary yet as there are only enough funds to go solely toward projects and operational costs (no salaries) during this initial phase.  Hopefully in a couple years, I may earn a small salary and will be travelling for many projects in India and South America..  The primary goal this year was to journey to India, do projects and set up an infrastructure.  Even I am surprised how successfully everything has come together, and it is very encouraging indeed.  There is now a permanent and growing infrastructure supporting WE ONE in India.. It shall also be useful when we have our travelling educators. While travelling, I often stay in homes of project workers, temples,  and inexpensive hotels.  Food is not costly and often provided as I travel and work in India.  I spent almost no time sightseeing and dedicate all my time to work of some kind, eating, resting and some fun of course with my kind and hospitable friends.... Being an inspired Westerner, I attract attention, and everywhere I go, I could start developing a project.  It is so positive that locals like to work and share with the friendly Westerner.  Of course, I see remarkable sites everywhere I go and while working, but have done no real tourism..  After our next trip to India, because of our efficient network of professionals and community leaders/elders, WE ONE will be able to get projects done in India upon funds coming in and not having to travel there for each well.  This will make things more cost-efficient.  Our small yet extensive team is very ethical and have grown into positions of community responsibility.   I should travel to India at least once a year to inspect and work on other projects.  

501(c)3 non-profit service organization

​​​​WE ONE

Getting Things Done

HiGeoTech, Bhopal India  →  WE ONE :  “two locations are confirmed, one in slum area of Bhopal and another in poor village which can be drilled as

                                                                   per your convenience. plan it accordingly. “  -  10/24/14

WE ONE →  HiGeoTech :   “GREAT ! Let’s find two more where we can share costs with locals.  Maybe one more motorized pump for making another

                                             farm.  Then I will fly to India for 4 ½ months and stay mostly in Bhopal next trip.”  -  10/29/14


Bhopal, Nurganj, India

60% Service Budget

Providing Pure Water - 60% 

School/Orphanage for HIV Kids- 18%

Animal Welfare - 8%

Sacred Art Restoration - 6%